Administrate is a SaaS Training Management System (TMS) provider, offering a cloud based training and learning management solution which helps training providers manage and automate the entire process of delivering education.

Administrate delivers its solutions to a fast growing global client base from Scotland, supported by offices in the United States and Lebanon.Clients use Administrate to solve the challenges of defining, delivering, tracking, analysing, and scaling learning within an organisation. After implementing Administrate, customers realise huge time savings, and can drive strategic initiatives and successfully scale their offerings. In the past year, North American expansion has been a key driver for the company which now employs more than 80 people across its three offices.

The Administrate training management platform includes functionality supporting ecommerce, student registration, scheduling, personnel management, resource management, reporting, and classroom management features, all delivered from the cloud. Underpinned by a powerful API, Administrate is augmented by a host of integrations with other SaaS technology providers such as CloudShare, SurveyMonkey and Zoom.

Our investors are a key part of our team, and I’m delighted to have NVM join us on the journey as we work together to build a company focussed on delivering success for our customers.

John Peebles, CEO of Administrate