Buoyant Holdings

One of the UK’s largest independent furniture manufacturer supplying national, independent and on-line retailers.

Nature of business

Manufacturer of upholstered furniture.

Description of deal

Management buy-out. NVM invested £7m.

Growth strategy

Continue to supply innovative new products, increase export revenues and grow the business through acquisition.

Buoyant was formed in 1909 and has a proud heritage of developing sofas and chairs for a broad range of retailers. It is now the largest independent UK furniture manufacturer currently supplying to national, independent and on-line retailers. With a 630-strong workforce, Buoyant manufactures over 95% of its products from sourced raw materials at its base in Nelson, Lancashire.

With the growing trend towards home improvement, home-owners are now updating their furniture more regularly. The living room is still considered to be the most important ‘public’ room in the house. However, upholstered furniture is permeating into other rooms as it becomes increasingly fashionable to have armchairs and sofas in kitchens and bedrooms.

With a more fashion-led approach to upholstered furniture, retailers are demanding customised and ‘made to order’ products. This has significantly increased product sales in Buoyant’s sector of the UK furniture market.

Mike Aramayo, Managing Director of Buoyant, has over 26 years of commercial experience in the furniture industry and is currently a board member of the British Furniture Manufacturers Association. The highly-respected incumbent management team, led by Mike, will bring more innovative products to market and build on the success of its growing customer base, new model development and the move into motion furniture.

Joel Rosenblatt has joined Buoyant as Executive Chairman to further strengthen the team; bringing with him extensive experience of the home textiles, upholstery and FMCG sectors.

“NVM has been a fantastic partner to the business having been fully supportive of our investment plans over the years and were calm, helpful and pragmatic through the Covid crisis which is now well and truly behind us. We can’t have had a better partner.”

Mike Aramayo, Managing Director of Buoyant Holdings