Lending Works

Lending Works is a consumer peer-to-peer (“P2P”) lending platform which matches lenders with creditworthy borrowers, whilst enabling both to receive a much better deal than going through a traditional intermediary.

Nature of business

Peer-to-peer lending platform

Description of deal

NVM invested £2m development capital.

Growth strategy

The funding will be used to continue the growth trajectory of the business through building additional loan distribution channels, growing the team and through continued investment in the technology platform.


The business was founded by Nick Harding in 2012 after identifying the opportunity to provide consumers with a safe and simple P2P proposition. The Lending Works platform allows lenders to receive higher returns than those available from a traditional bank whilst borrowers secure funding more cheaply than available elsewhere. As part of the differentiated proposition Lending Works provide lenders with a unique protection against borrower default risk.

The peer-to-peer lending industry continues to grow at a rapid pace both in the UK and worldwide  and is at the heart of the alternative finance movement. The market  has been through, and continues  to experience, exponential growth.

With the introduction of the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) and the new FCA P2P legislation, the market is expected to accelerate significantly as there is a growing acceptance and awareness of P2P lending as a mainstream financial offering.

As a result of these factors and  along with NVM’s support, the company anticipates it will grow  loan volumes rapidly and Lending Works partner led strategy will be  key to delivering this.

We’re delighted to partner with NVM as they bring significant experience in key areas and we consider their backing to be a ringing endorsement of our rapid progress as a company. This latest investment comes at an exciting time for Lending Works.

Nick Harding, Lending Works