Love Saving Group

Love Energy Savings (LES), a comparison and procurement service specialising in helping SMEs identify the optimal gas and electricity supplier and tariff to suit their needs.

Bolton based LES offers full market comparison across a wide range of panel suppliers and manages any resultant switching process on behalf of the SME from initial agreement to completion. This is achieved through a sophisticated bespoke technology platform which has been developed by the LES in-house team. Deregulation of the UK gas and electricity market in 2002 created the opportunity for domestic and non-domestic users to switch energy providers at the end of their existing contracts for more suitable and cheaper tariffs. LES was established in 2007 in order to target the non-domestic energy user market which, whilst comprising around c2.4 million SME contracts, had been slower to embrace the opportunities offered by deregulation than the domestic market. Now, as LES’s portfolio has grown to almost 16,000 live client contracts there are clear signs that SMEs are increasingly using the services offered by intermediaries such as LES. It is anticipated that many more such businesses will look to switch their gas and electricity provider in the coming years.

“NVM came highly recommended as the perfect partner to allow LES to achieve its ambitions which has proven to be the case. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to move forward with them and I’m very excited about the future”

Phil Foster, Managing Director