Medovate is an innovation development company dedicated to the commercialisation of pioneering medical technologies created within the NHS.

Backed by £9 million of investment capital from NVM Private Equity and a private US investor, Medovate is the first company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of innovative medical technologies from within the NHS, which will commercially benefit the NHS.

By providing funding at a crucial point in development, Medovate will ensure that medtech innovations with high potential identified within the NHS are supported through the clinical trial and regulatory approval phases so that they become products that are ready for market as quickly as possible.

Medovate’s projects pipeline will initially have an intensive care, anaesthesia or surgical focus, and will be fed via HEE’s pool of NHS member innovations and related intellectual property. With a 12-year track record in supporting NHS medtech innovation, HEE annually reviews in excess of 200 early stage commercial opportunities which might be suitable for protection and development as high value healthtech or medtech products. Medovate’s role will be to incubate these technologies, and develop them ready for market launch in both the UK and international markets.

Medovate’s unique business model offers direct benefits to the NHS in three distinct ways:

  • Access to funding, support and expertise to enable innovations created within the NHS to reach the market
  • Commercial returns to the NHS organisations and inventors that created the technologies in the first place
  • Reinvestment in the NHS: thanks to HEE’s stake in Medovate commercial returns will be used to stimulate NHS innovation across all of HEE’s NHS members.

In September 2019 Medovate was named ‘Most Innovative Medical Device Development Company’ in Eastern England in Global Health & Pharma’s (GHP) 2019 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards.

“The substantial launch capital of £9m is a signal of Medovate’s intent. Medovate will offer significant financial, technical and commercial support to many innovators within the NHS so that their ideas can be fast-tracked to market for the benefit of patients and practitioners alike.”

Stuart Thomson, Managing Director of Medovate