No 1 Lounges

No 1 Lounges was founded in 2006 by British entrepreneur and theatre producer, Phil Cameron. A regular traveller himself, he decided to use his extensive knowledge of branding, marketing and ticket sales to establish premium and innovative independent airport lounges across the UK.

Nature of business

Airport hospitality specialist.

Description of deal

Management buy-out and development capital. NVM invested £7m.

Growth strategy

To launch new airport lounges and products, further strengthening the brand and global reach.


No 1 Lounges offers travellers a convenient and comfortable service to take the hassle out of getting to and through airports. Phil and his team have developed a strong reputation in their market, to the extent that airport operators now proactively ask for No 1 lounges at their sites.

The airport lounge market is divided into two separate categories: independent lounges offering services to any passenger travelling through a specific airport; and airline operator lounges offering services to their own customers.

As an independent lounge provider, No.1 Lounges benefits from limited market competition – so there is an opportunity for strong growth across the UK and Europe.

No 1’s Lounges customers have increased significantly year-on-year, and the future looks bright too as an estimated 6.7bn passengers will travel through airports by 2032. The strongest growth will be seen across Asia-Pacific regions, with the forecast construction of 350 airports.

As part of the investment package, NVM will support No 1 Lounges growth strategy to include the development of four new airside lounge facilities. This will increase the company’s available market to over 50m passengers a year.

“We are delighted to be starting the next step of our business growth with NVM.”

Phil Cameron, Founder and CEO of No 1 Lounges