Jason Warren

Investment Manager

I’m part of the VCT team at NVM where I spend most of my time doing one of three things: searching for exciting early-stage companies to back; working with companies to complete an investment round; and supporting the portfolio with growth and development post-investment.

I’m a technologist at heart, having spent 4 years at Oxford studying Maths & Computer Science, followed by a spell in the financial services industry as a software engineer building out risk and trading systems. I took the opportunity to move into early-stage investing at the beginning of 2017 and joined the growing VCT team at NVM.

My tech background is perhaps not the most conventional for an early-stage investor, but it has proven really useful in understanding and supporting the many technology companies we invest in. When we’re looking at one of these businesses, I always like to sit with the architect of the system to understand how it has been built and how the technology works under the covers, given it’s at the centre of their business (and I’m genuinely interested!).

Whilst I’m passionate about technology, one of my favourite things about the investor role is the variety – being a generalist investor we get to see such a wide spectrum of companies and I find it really interesting getting into the problem they are solving and the innovative approach they have taken. It’s great to be able to work alongside smart and driven people on a daily basis too, whether that’s the entrepreneurs we back, the industry experts and Chairs who support their growth, or the other investment professionals within NVM.

Outside of work, I’ve always been quite sporty and used to enjoy playing 5-a-side football and tennis on a regular basis, but unfortunately I’ve had to switch my focus to more sofa-based activities in the short term after tearing my cruciate ligament!

I find working with fast-growing companies very exciting and like helping them to solve different challenges.”