Peter Hodson

Investment Partner

I am an Investment Partner responsible for NVM’s investment activity in the South where my primary role is to back management teams and to work with them to build value. I currently sit on the Board of Edit, Chemigraphic, FlexiOffices, Pareto FM, and Prestigne Broadcast.

In November 2020 I led NVM’s exit from Agilitas Solutions which generated an 8.6x return for investors and was recognised as the Private Equity Small Cap Deal of the Year by Real Deals. I was also responsible for NVM’s exit from CloserStill which delivered 7.8x return for our investors.

Having originally started my career in Engineering I have now been in the private equity industry for more than 20 years. I believe that the most important element of private equity is building a strong relationship with management teams, forming plans together and then delivering against that plan.

Outside of work I enjoy sport although in more recent years I have been more focused on my family. Outside of work I chair ‘Love Africa’ – a charity focused on supporting community projects in Uganda.

We work with amazing teams and I feel privileged to play a small role in building some great companies.