Shared ambition – strong relationships

  • Strong relationships are at the core of our business; with our investors, our advisors and the people we invest in.
  • Our job is to bring a fresh perspective and encourage those new ideas, helping to define strategy and add resources so that the business can achieve its goals.

Independent – flexible

  • We own our business so have a personal stake in its success. It certainly sharpens the mind and most importantly means we are flexible.
  • We can act quickly and decisively, and we have the freedom to focus on the issues that matter, taking on work that we genuinely enjoy.

Experienced – resilient

  • Over the last 35 years we have built up long-term relationships and a reputation for delivering against our objectives.
  • We have weathered UK and global recessions, so we’re experienced enough to know what it takes to run businesses successfully in every economic environment.

Focused – clear thinking

  • In the whirl of running your own business, it can be hard to keep your eye on everything. That’s one of our strengths: we bring clarity, objectivity and focus.
  • Doing the deal is just the start. Throughout the partnership, we bring an objective view to meet targets and build shareholder value.