Nature of business

Managed freehold pub estate in the North of England.

Description of deal

Development capital for acquisitions. NVM invested £6.2m.

Growth strategy

To build up a portfolio of managed community pubs.

The management team has established a reputation as credible acquirers in the market, developing a winning formula of purchasing well-located and often underperforming pubs with huge potential. The pubs are run and staffed by Wear Inns’ employees, to ensure a consistent management approach and high levels of customer service – without eroding the independent feel and atmosphere.

The pubs are predominantly wet-led and one of the benefits of being managed rather than tenanted is that the managers have more of a say in the range of products sold.

NVM joined forces with the Business Growth Fund in 2012 to pump a further £10m into Wear Inns’ acquisition strategy. The Wear team used the funding to acquire a further 11 pubs from TCG, bringing their total estate to 26 premises.

Since starting the business six years ago, we have worked with NVM’s support to build up an estate of great community pubs.

John Weir, Managing Director of Wear Inns