nZero Group

  • SectorEngineering services
  • OverviewA specialist engineering business providing complex analyser systems, project management, contracting and manpower services for process industries.
  • Value£ Undisclosed MBO
  • CompletedSeptember 2019


nZero Group comprises Thyson Technology and Orbital Systems, which are both specialist analytical instrumentation engineering business providing complex analyser systems, project management, contracting and manpower services for process industries. Both businesses serve energy, utility, oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Thyson was acquired through a management buyout in December 2016, whilst Orbital was acquired in May 2022. The businesses specialise in integrated process analytical systems, ranging from single sample conditioning systems to complete analyser houses, delivering bespoke solutions for offshore platforms, chemical plants, oil and gas transportation and refinery facilities, steelworks and other industries requiring analyser system integration.

This is supported by a broad range of industrial engineering and customer-service capabilities including design and installation of electrical and mechanical systems, delivery of civil engineering works, technical consultancy, resource recruitment and spares and consumables provision.

The Market

nZero is a key player in the rapidly growing renewable energy market, a crucial element of the UK’s energy transition to net zero, with a specific expertise in biogas. The Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of grid entry units enabling customers to connect biomethane gas to the UK’s gas network. The Group was recently awarded a position on a major gas network’s framework to deliver metering and gas quality solutions throughout the RIIO-2 period with an estimated £80m total spend.

In addition, nZero and is established as the UK’s leading provider in the design, build and commissioning of hydrogen and natural gas systems. As stated in the UK Government’s Hydrogen Strategy Paper, it remains committed to developing the UK’s low carbon hydrogen economy which is critical to delivering energy security and meeting decarbonisation targets, presenting significant growth opportunities for the Group.

NVM’s investment has facilitated the acquisition of Orbital, the development of nZero’s long term strategy and its investment in new technologies and partnerships as the Group positions itself to capitalise on the significant short, medium and long term opportunities in its markets.


Having worked with NVM for nearly 7 years, and experienced both good times and challenging times, the one thing we can say is that the support received, both financially and commercially, has always been fair and equitable, pragmatic and calm. I have no doubt that this approach comes from the vast experience within the NVM team who have been there and done it many times evidence by their list of successful exits and examples of working out challenging portfolio situations. As a team we wouldn’t hesitate to choose NVM as our equity partner on future opportunities.

Matt Allen ,  Managing Director ,  Thyson Group.