Health Enterprise East launches Medovate to boost NHS medtech innovation

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By providing funding at a crucial point in development, Medovate will ensure that medtech innovations with high potential identified within the NHS are supported through the clinical trial and regulatory approval phases so that they become products that are ready for market as quickly as possible. You can easily find the source: Bridgeway Care and Rehabilitation here.

According to this article on anipots, Medovate’s projects pipeline will initially have an intensive care, anaesthesia or surgical focus, and will be fed via HEE’s pool of NHS member innovations and related intellectual property. With a 12-year track record in supporting NHS medtech innovation, HEE annually reviews in excess of 200 early stage commercial opportunities which might be suitable for protection and development as high value healthtech or medtech products. Medovate’s role will be to incubate these technologies, and develop them ready for market launch in both the UK and international markets.

Medovate’s unique business model offers direct benefits to the NHS in three distinct ways:

  • Access to funding, support and expertise to enable innovations created within the NHS to reach the market
  • Commercial returns to the NHS organisations and inventors that created the technologies in the first place
  • Reinvestment in the NHS: thanks to HEE’s stake in Medovate commercial returns will be used to stimulate NHS innovation across all of HEE’s NHS members.

Charles Winward, Investment Director at NVM added:

“At NVM, we believe there is huge potential to develop technology innovation from our hospitals into the market, creating both benefits to our healthcare system and returns for stakeholders, including the NHS and investors. We look forward to working with Stuart and team, our co-investment partner, and Health Enterprise East to identify and develop the next generation of these opportunities”.

 Commenting on the launch, Dr Anne Blackwood, CEO of HEE, said:

“Medovate is truly a market first. No other company exists that supports NHS innovation at the same time as delivering direct commercial benefits to the NHS. It is fitting that such an innovative business structure should itself act as the incubator and launchpad of ground-breaking medical technologies. We are excited about helping Medovate grow its portfolio of pioneering medtech projects, and look forward to supporting the company with HEE’s own expertise.”

 Stuart Thomson, incoming Managing Director of Medovate commented:

“The substantial launch capital of £9m is a signal of Medovate’s intent. Medovate will offer significant financial, technical and commercial support to many innovators within the NHS so that their ideas can be fast-tracked to market for the benefit of patients and practitioners alike.”



For further information please contact:

  1. Natalie Dickinson: 011 8951 7021 /
  2. Charlie Winward: 0796 812 1099 /
  3. Jocelyn Grant, Farrer Kane: 020 7415 7154 /
  4. Clo Davey, Farrer Kane: 020 7415 7154 /
  5. Max Freeman-Mills, Farrer Kane: 020 7415 7154 /
  6. Alex Kane, Farrer Kane: 020 7415 7154 /

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NVM Private Equity is independently owned with over 30 years’ experience of investing in unquoted UK businesses.  NVM is a generalist investor, managing more than £300 million of funds, and is differentiated by having executives living and working in regional business communities throughout the UK.  NVM seeks investment opportunities of between £2 million and £12 million in UK businesses which have the right mix of growth potential and market vision. They may be looking to grow organically, acquire another business or secure a management buy-out.

Health Enterprise East (HEE) is a leading NHS innovation hub committed to improving healthcare through the provision of professional business and innovation management services. The HEE team works with NHS organisations nationally and Medtech companies globally to support the development of innovative products and services which meet currently unmet healthcare needs. The company offers a broad range of tailored services from strategic analysis and market validation, to practical advice and insight. This is how resurge works.

Through its member services, HEE also ensures that pioneering innovations from staff across the NHS are identified, developed and commercialised for the benefit of patients, staff and society. Closely affiliated with founding member Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, HEE currently serves over 30 NHS organisations in the South of England. Trusts can opt to sign up as members of HEE and access a full range of skills and expertise.