Pure Pet food receives £2m funding to change pet food for the better

Pure Pet Food, the award-winning manufacturer of dehydrated and freeze dried pet food has secured a £2m investment from NVM Private Equity(NVM) to accelerate its plans to make healthy choices for pet owners easy and accessible. Their low processed natural recipes have become the go-to option for pets suffering with a range of ailments and sensitivities. The innovative Yorkshire based company formed by childhood friends Mathew Cockroft and Daniel Valdur Eha has quickly grown from a tiny business which started life in Daniel’s kitchen, to a brand that is now sold around the world and in major retailers such as Pets at Home. Pure produces natural pet food products in their very own human grade food facility in West Yorkshire. The company’s innovative manufacturing techniques allow for products that not only address current market trends to feed a low processed and high quality food, but also avoids the inconvenience and expense which can prevent a significant number of owners from doing so. If you have a pet, it should be the first and the foremost step for you to get perfect dog insurance for your pet. It has been seen that many times people end up in paying high vet bills for their dogs. Most of these insurance for your dog will cover up all the accidental coverage and will lead to your absolute peace of mind. Today having a pet like dog is easy but to maintain its good health and care is not just easy for all. It is therefore very essential for a dog owner to get his/her pet insured so that they can live a peaceful life. But for your knowledge most of the pet insurance plans do not cover any present conditions like the necessary vaccinations that your pet needs. Insurance policy for your dog may be expensive but if you search a bit and look through various insurance reviews you can find a good deal. Internet is a good source for searching insurance plans for your pets. Here you can get in touch with the reputed insurance companies which provide total health plans for your dog.

Most of the time insurance premiums prove to be expensive. Basically these premiums may range greatly based on your pet’s health and plans you choose for your pet’s health coverage. But you should remember the fact that the cheapest you will be choosing, cheapest you get the coverage. Also these are the insurance premiums which you have to deal for lifetime and will stick with you for lifelong. You should therefore consider all the things better before choosing a perfect dog insurance plan for your favorite pet. You can look at the perfect insurance plan for your dog that most suits your needs. Before getting an insurance plan for your dog you should therefore clear the things about the services and coverage you are getting. You should also confirm that whether your insurance company is providing all the coverages such as hospitalization, testing, surgery, dental health, etc. Many people are switching their dogs over to a natural raw dog food diet? Why, because they are getting tired of sick dogs and having to pay expensive vet bills every month. The switch to raw was slow and only a few people were feeding their dogs this kind of diet. I have noticed nowadays that people are becoming more health conscious of themselves and as a result they want their pets to live happy healthy lives as well.

Do Your Research First
The first thing you need to do is get your facts straight and figure out what indeed is good or bad for your pet. Look up different types of meats, look up feed schedules and figure out how much to feed my dog raw food. This is a big change for you and your pet so you need to be fully prepared. Try not to rush into this and switch your pet as soon as possible, take your time and educate yourself first.

The first thing you are going to want to look at is what types of meats are safe for dogs to eat. I usually feed my dogs beef, chicken, pork, venison, rabbit, and other game. Birds are great for dogs as well. If you are ever unsure than it is best to wait and find out if it is safe first.

Bones are indeed safe for dogs to eat, and they are very important for dental health, however, they need to be raw. If you feed your dog cooked bones you are asking for a disaster. Meat and bones that are fed to dogs need to always be raw. Cooked bones can splinter and cooked meats are hard on a dogs digestive system.

Switching Your Down to Raw Meat
The hardest part of all of this is when you actually have to change a dog’s diet. Some dogs will automatically switch over gracefully while others won’t eve n touch the new food you are giving them. I have found that the easiest way to deal with picky eaters is to find a gateway meat. Most dogs will have one type of meat they find attractive over everything else. Try finding your dog beef, if he doesn’t like it then try chicken.

The investment from NVM comes after a host of recent accolades and achievements for the business. Pure won the Lloyds TSB’s National Best Start-up award and the PetQuip Pet Product Innovation award.

Founder Mat commented “Pure first started after we decided to do our own research into the current commercial pet food available and exactly how it was made. It made little sense to us that highly processed food, containing low quality ingredients, manufactured into small brown biscuits that are fed to pets each day was possibly the healthiest diet option.”

Co-founder Dan added “We set out to create a food which retained the convenience of a commercial dry or wet pet food, but with the benefits of fresh, wholesome ingredients. This thought process led us to the methods of dehydration and freeze drying, which allow for the gentle preservation of fresh ingredients. Pure requires no refrigeration or freezer space, owners simply have to add water and serve, creating a healthy low processed meal in minutes.”

Dan continued. “Pure Pet Food has proved to be a big hit with pets suffering from a range of ailments and allergies such as stomach sensitivities, IBD, Pancreatitis and fussiness to name just a few. I think rather than anything special in our recipes it is more what we haven’t added. Our food contains no grains, corn, additives or any other nasties.”

The pair plan to use the funding to support Pure Pet Food’s rapid growth, whilst launching new products, adding to their team and expanding their offering throughout Europe.

“This investment will allow for the development of a much more personalised offering, improving the level of service we can provide to our customers and their pets. We see huge opportunity within this space and by partnering with NVM we now have the resources and experience to realise our vision.” Mat added

Aaron Lawson-Clark, Investment Associate at NVM, added: “NVM is delighted to be backing Dan and Mat to take Pure Pet Food to the next level. The team have impressed demonstrating the skills required to build a business, brand and quality product with limited resources. We are excited by the potential market for natural convenient pet food in the years ahead and we look forward to working with the team to scale up the business and deliver the future of pet nutrition.”



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